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Welcome to Ben’s website – Benjamin Cook is an experienced, friendly and professional freelance personal trainer in York, he caters for all aspects of weight-loss, motivation, fitness and posture correction.

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Ben is an experienced trainer and can assist you with:

  • Weight-loss

  • Diet advice

  • Motivation

  • Fitness

  • Pilates

  • Injury therapy

  • Hypnotherapy and mind coaching

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Ben has gets results & has many happy clients:

Jennifer: Weight-loss and injury help

Jennifer had experimented with various weight loss plans with mixed success up until recently, and had been through fads of physical exercise but had always remained over weight and a size 16.

Jennifer worked really hard right from the beginning following her programme and evolving her diet, Jennifer is currently at a healthy weight and she looks absolutely fabulous – after dropping over 3 and a 1/2 stone in approximately 6 months, additionally we rehabbed her knee joint (previously harmed in a motorbike accident) during that period so she now has absolutely no problems from her injury. Jennifer now can feel confident with regards to way she looks and generously allowed me to place her ‘before and after’ pictures on this Testimonials page.


Laverne: Weight-loss

benjamincook-personaltrainer-testimonial-laverne“It took me a few weeks to summon the courage to give Ben a call. I knew if this failed to work then I’d lose hope as I had previously gone to Scottish Slimmers, weight-watchers and gyms – none of which had worked

I liked the concept of being outdoors, having a helpful training partner and being able to take my kids along too. When I initially met Ben I was extremely nervous about hiring a fitness professional. I had thought someone that was into fitness training and healthy eating would look at me in disgust at me for allowing myself to get so unfit and obese!

I couldn’t have been more wrong. We spoke about the goals I was hoping for in regards to my fitness and weight loss. With trepidation I attended my first class with my husband. I was terrible!. I really tried my very best but must confess I felt very weak. Ben never got me to feel like I was as bad as I realized I was. He encouraged me to try just a little harder and when it was only a tiny amount that was fine. Thankfully He has a great sense of humour!

I never imagined I would enjoy exercise lessons so much. I really look forward to the classes and there are now times when I’m relaxing at home wishing I was in the Botanic Gardens or Kelvingrove. This from someone who never relished exercise! We now do more as a family and we have all reaped the benefit. Ben is good with the children especially my chatterbox son. Where have I got so far? Well I have lost 19lbs in just 7 weeks. I feel like a new person and can’t wait to find out where I’ll be at in another 7 weeks.”

Lisa: Weight Loss

“Since beginning with Ben 10 sessions ago, I have dropped 1 1/2 stones and feel far better! The working out has been demanding but also enjoyable. my dresses are fitting me better each week. If you would like to shed weight and become slimmer, I urge you to Ben a call!”

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Lynne: Food Concerns & Weight Loss

“At first when we started out training, I had been very stressed about everything as I was extremely unfit and self-conscious. I couldn’t really do that much. I found it difficult to go walking and even everyday tasks were difficult.Ben listened to my concerns, looked after my wellbeing and constructed a conditioning & diet plan tailored to my needs. He helped me greatly to see it was all related to making a lifestyle change rather than trying to diet.As a result, he helped me drop from size 32 to just size 20 in time for the wedding .It was great to have curves, look really good plus feel confident on my wedding day. Thanks Ben!”

Catriona McDougall and recuperation from Serious Illness

benjamincook-personaltrainer-testimonial-catriona“Back in 2007, I survived a near fatal illness, which unfortunately left me physically weak and with badly weakened lungs. It was expected these would improve with time, but after 6 months of healing my lung function was still poor at 57% of what it should be. In February this year, my doctor advised I should exercise as much as I could manage. Although I was definitely keen to exercise again, I was also worried to back to exercise. Let’s say I overdid it, couldn’t breath properly, or had a relapse? Also, I knew that I didn’t have much energy and needed to make sure my energy was channeled to get the most effective results. A friend recommended Ben to me and we met to discuss the options. I explained he didn’t seem phased at all. He asked permission to speak with my doctor and was happy to work with me to slowly build up both my lung function and my strength and durability. We set 3 targets:

  • To run the Glasgow Women’s 10k
  • To walk to the top of a Munro (A peak of over 3000ft)
  • Increase my lung function 10%

In the first month I met with Ben to train twice weekly. He focused on low impact, stable exercises to build strength and protect me from accidental injury. If I found an exercise too difficult, he would create difference exercises for me to work with. For instance, we discovered I couldn’t do a twist sit up to the right – I had almost no strength twisting towards that side. So we utilized elastic bands fixed around a goal post to do twisting exercises; now twist sit ups are easy! I then tried jogging for a minute, building up steadily. It was hard work for me, but Ben was really encouraging and never pushed me too far.

I’ve been training once per week with Ben since April, and I now have the self-confidence and determination to follow the exercise plan he drew up for me on my own during the week. After just a few months, I’ve met and exceeded all of my initial targets, despite the fact they seemed practically impossible when we set them! In May, I ran the Women’s 10k in 1 hour 10 minutes, climbed 4 Munro’s and finally, had a lung function test which showed I had increased my lung function by over 14%. Remarkable results! I’ll definitely be continuing to train with Benjamin and know that I’ll turn out fitter and healthier than I ever have been.”

Lieutenant Colonel Doneghan and Military Fitness training

“The hardest workout I’ve ever experienced! Ben did a great job helping me to keep physically fit so I’m as fit as my soldiers when my unit is in the field. I’ve participated in BMF before (British Military Fitness) but while that is good, what they can’t provide is kettle-bell training & Pilates which has made more powerful, quicker and fitter than I’ve ever been in the past.Ben is easy going, and can still deliver a killer personal training session – most definitely recommended!”

Iain Rice, Commonwealth Medallist

“Ben has significantly improved the fitness training at Glasgow Uni Rowing Club since he’s started coaching there. In our last physical fitness test 17 out of 20 Rowers obtained a PB (Personal Best)! He’s easy to get along with and puts you at ease. If you’re just starting out getting fit I recommend him to you!”

Stephen Rarity: Business Owner, with his strength & fitness story

Thanks to Ben, I can now take pleasure in my Friday night kebab without worrying and entirely guilt free. Performing in a highly physical role helping my team to be victorious in a sailing world Tournament in the 8 meter class was pretty good too. Thanks again Ben!

Siobahn: Future bride

“I phoned Benjamin for help about 6 weeks before my wedding day. I was in a panick and concerned that my wedding dress was not going to fit properly. I emailed a few personal trainers but the feedback about my time-scales was negative which made me feel even worse about leaving things so late. Luckily Ben was fantastic! He reassured me about my concerns me and gave me an exercise programme, gave me nutritional plans and did the personal training sessions with me .This really helped me to get fit as well as relieve my pre wedding stress and make sure I fitted into my dress. The outcome? The dressmakers were amazed at how much I’d transformed and how I fitted perfectly into the wedding dress! My waistline and hips are far slimmer and I feel great in it. I’m really looking towards my wedding ceremony. I completely recommend Ben to everyone getting married who wants a friendly and professional fitness expert to help them shed weight, tone up and deal with the stress!”

Heather: holiday fat-loss experience

“I started training with Benjamin about 6 weeks previously. in just 6 physical exercise sessions and one session about nutrition and diet, I’ve succeeded in losing 10 surplus pounds. I have also kept the weight off while on holiday in America for 2 weeks. I would say the training has been challenging at times (he makes me work hard!) The weight loss certainly has been quick and my girlfriends and family are already commenting how I look lots better! I can’t wait to discover what fat loss the up coming 6 weeks will bring!”

Laura suffering from chocolate Compulsion

“I got to the point where I was eating 2 or 3 chocolate bars that I bought when I visited a fuel station, but this was starting to get out of hand (and causing me to gain weight) so I asked Ben to help. Using NLP he managed to completely stop the irrational urge I had to buy chocolate at the petrol station. As a consequence I’ve had any urges to buy chocolate for over 2 months, and I’ve slimmed considerably (with very little effort!). During my session I felt at ease and relaxed. I understood that sorting out those annoying habits that cause a multitude of problems really isn’t a problem at all!”

Emma: Supervisor with food concerns & Weight Loss struggles

“Like lots of others I have attempted numerous eating plans but have never resolved my issues with food before the ‘master’ came along…I often had problems ordering the best food in dining establishments, and constantly headed to the sweets box when watching my favorite trash on Television. I also suffered with what I thought to be the ‘problem’ of comfort eating. After trying a session with Benjamin I noticed that I visit restaurants and sit back and watch TV without ever having to worry about what I end up eating even when I wasn’t – I now feel confident and in control of my eating habits.”

Gail and Stress Management

Due to job as an A&E trauma Doctor I deal with extremely difficult situations. Following a bad break up with a partner back in September I noticed I was not able to pay attention and read (this was previously something I often did to calm down.) Within Twenty or so minutes Ben had taught me how to de-stress more efficiently and 1 week later I have read 2 chapters of my favourite harry potter book which I hadn’t touched for over Five months!

I find it much easier to control feelings of anxiety easier in the workplace and would endorse Benjamin to anybody who feels like they need a little help to deal with emotional stress and being able to relax.”

John: Cage fighting martial Arts Expert, with injury support and fight fitness

“Benjamin has revealed some amazing ways to be focused and feeling mentally strong. His understanding of Neuro linguistic programming and Hypnosis helped me perform to my best and even better. Furthermore, Ben taught me to stay centered under pressure so I can compete in martial arts tournaments even more effectively.

I found after working with Benjamin that I stayed calm in situations I’m typically be anxious or rather stressed about. I’m happy to report I coped far better, and I continue to use his methods as they really helped me. Ben also did a great job to solve my issues after some bad injuries using his sports therapy and personal training expertise. The thing that was even better was how I thought and was feeling after doing Hypnotherapy and NLP. Competing in Martial Arts (MMA) tournaments, I achieved better results thank back in my 20’s (I’m 40!)”

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More about personal training


Fitness training with a personal trainer usually consists of rigorous exercise of varying types, often involving weights and body-weight type exercises. More often than not these are focused on getting the client out of breath and are primarily ‘cardiovascular’ in nature although they may work on muscle endurance and strength to a lesser degree.


Strength training is either using weights, or yoga style exercises which are slower and more powerful, focusing more on the strength needed to complete them.  Some people worry they may add bulk if they do strength training however is very rare unless certain uncommon types of methods are used.


Although Weight-loss training is not a specific style in itself, clients often request weight-loss based training which would normally be a mix of other types of training combined with work on diet and nutrition. For successful weight-loss, diet and nutrition is probably about as important as the physical training itself, although it is the combination of the two that typically delivers the best results.

Corrective training

Clients who have injuries or pre-existing issues are often concerned the training will be too hard and cause them further problems with whatever issues they currently have (for example a bad back or bad knees). Corrective training is specific exercises aimed at raising the ability of the client to exercise normally.  This is a more specialist area and few personal trainers are able to offer a comprehensive corrective training solution without further qualifications in Pilates, Yoga or corrective exercise.

Postural training

This kind of training can sometimes be referred to as corrective training however it is usually more focused around improving the overall alignment and posture of a client.  As a Pilates teacher and corrective exercise coach Ben is very well placed to assist clients with improving their posture. It’s often prudent to do some corrective and postural training at the beginning of most exercise programme. For most people training is a mixture of varying goals and the mixture of the training will be varied to give the client the ideal mix of different training types to meet their goals. It’s important to remember:

  • Training can vary in difficulty and does not to be very hard all the time
  • The nature of training is tailored to a clients needs and preferences
  • Successful weight-loss involves education and coaching as well as fitness training
  • Training can be tailored to be suitable for all, including those over 60 and with pre existing medical conditions or injuries.

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